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Car Insurance For Teen Drivers

The Average Cost of Car Insurance For Teen Drivers

Did you know that teenagers get into car accidents more than adult drivers? Teenage drivers make more mistakes when driving. They make poor decisions and are more than likely to go over the speed limit. With these little facts, you can safely assume that getting a car insurance when there is a teenage driver involved will cost you. It will cost you dearly.

The cost of insurance for a family in the US is around $1,600 to over $1,800. The numbers vary by state but the trend shows that premium costs have increased from previous years. When you add a teenage driver to the policy, the costs will drastically increase. Depending on your insurance company, the amount will increase by half or up to 200%. That's right, up to 200%.

The final premium may seem incredibly shocking to you but insurance companies see teenage drivers as high-risk members. Statistics from driving accidents help back their stand when it comes to teenage drivers. However, as a buyer of insurance, there are ways for you to get a discount on your premium if you have a teenager.

Car Insurance For Teen Drivers 

If the teenager has high grades in school, insurance companies are more than likely to offer premium discounts. Good academic standing means that they are responsible and can be relied on to make good decisions while behind the wheel.

Another way to get a discount is to send your teenager to traffic school. This way, they will know proper traffic rules and can lessen the number of tickets that they might get. Tickets increase premiums. The last thing that you can do is to get them a practical car. A sports car equals higher rates. Because let's face it, with a flashy sports car, your teenage will be more tempted to go fast, increasing the probability of accidents.

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